Winter Edition: Date Night

It’s Saturday night. You want to go out but you just checked your bank account. You decide to go anyways, but you need to find the right outfit. Do not fret… Featured below are two outfits for the price of one! Where might you ask? Nordstrom Rack.

For a dinner date or movie with a special someone, this outfit will WOW not only your date but yourself too! It’s classy, flattering, and oh so comfy. Not to mention affordable. The Leith Nordstrom dress regularly retails for $58, but you can find it at the Rack for only $12.97. Keep reading to get the complete look!


-Boots: Nine West, $40 (Consignment)

-Dress: Leith, $12.97

-Watch: Anne Klein, $24.97
For more of a girl’s night out, here is an outfit to keep things alive with its vibrant color! The dress is also Leith, regularly found at Nordstrom for $68, but can be found at the Rack for only $14.80. To get the complete look visit Nordtrom Rack online or go visit your local store! 

-Clutch: Consignment, $12

-Watch: Anne Klein, $24.97

-Dress: Leith, $14.80

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