Winter Edition: Talbots & Ditto 

The sun has awaken this morning in the city of Portland, Oregon. As you leave for work this morning, noticeably you will need less layers than mornings before as temperatures have risen! Just slightly though, don’t bring out the short just yet. But this calls for a slight change of style! 

Below I have pieced together a casual transitional outfit for those hopeful warm winter days. It’s funny how much a slight shoe change can make all the difference with a single outfit. So, for the sake of heels vs. flats, you have options that bring both comfort and style. 


Boots: Urban Outfitters, $90

Denim: Ditto, $12

Top: Bella Lux,  $19.97

If you’re like me, heels aren’t always an option… Here’s a comfortable and versatile Talbots flat that regularly retails at $120. 

Flats: Talbots, $24

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