Winter Edition: Timberlands for Him

Let’s face it, we all secretly wish we could be that couple. The couple that strolls through the park, still looking flawless with perfectly tamed hair. The couple that enters the party with color coordinated evening gowns and pocket squares. The couple that posts cute pictures with matching outfits for each holiday and never runs out of ideas… Well guess what! You can be that couple and even save a buck a or two for those matching onesies you two always wanted to sport! 

In this special fashion segment following Winter trends, I’ve decided to piece together an affordable outfit that will leave you and your SO looking sleek and stylish. The outfit featured can also be replicated for us ladies as well. For more information on how to apply it to yourself, check out recent posts from the Burb Girl.

Shoes: Timberland, $69

Bottoms: Bullhead Denim Co., $10

Top: H&M, $14.99

Scarf: Nordstrom Rack, $19.97
Shop the look!



Purchased on consignment, Platos Closet.





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