Winter Edition: Stripes & Neutrals

When in doubt, neutral it out. A neutral as the foundation of your outfit allows you to have a pop of color. In other words, neutrals let you have fun and make a statement! With Spring just around the corner, so are the bright colors that you can find on the pretty blossomed trees, flowers, and even your outfit!

Staying within the seasons, I pieced together a nice transitional outfit that brings out a sneak peak of those spring colors. The best part of the whole outfit is its low cost of $44.00! That is such a win. You may be asking, ‘Why is it so darn cheap?’. Well to answer your question with just one word–dress. The dress allows you to have a whole outfit complete with just one piece of material and cost. That is why I love dresses! However, finding a good dress that is suitable and affordable can be difficult. The best selection of affordable dresses I found are featured on sites like HautelookH&MForever 21, and Tobi.

Have a try and see what gems you can find! And don’t forget about your local consignment as there are plenty of beautiful pieces just waiting for you. Now keep scrolling to check out an uber cute outfit for some ideas on what to look for!


Dress: H&M, $12.00

Shop: H&M, or local consignment

Blazer: Papaya, $10.00

Shop: Papaya, or local consignment

Shoes: Chinese Laundry, $22.00

Shop: Nordstrom Rack, or local consignment

Watch: Burberry, $495.00

Shop: Nordstrom



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