Spring Edition: Transitional Sweaters

In honor of the first day of Spring, it’s only fitting that two effortless outfits emerge. Below are two outfits that engage two seasons: Winter and Spring. Transitioning from Winter to Spring can be a bit chilly, so it is essential to have these key pieces in your wardrobe! Go check out this fashionista as she takes on Spring in both comfort and style.

These two sweaters have the perfect combination of rayon, spandex and cotton which creates comfort and makes for a flattering fit. Perfect for leggings and skinny jeans, this dolman style sweater is just the thing for you. Shop the look below!



Sweater: H by Bordeaux, $24.97

Shop: Nordstrom Rack

Tank: Abound, $9.97

Shop: Nordstrom Rack

Bottoms: Forever 21, $29.90

Shop: Forever 21

Shoes: Sorel, $238.99

Shop: Amazon


2 thoughts on “Spring Edition: Transitional Sweaters

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