Spring Edition: Pink Pastel Denim

So thrilled to share these uber cute pastel skinny jeans with you! I have been on the hunt for a flattering colored denim like these, and thanks to thrift shopping and trading, I was able to scoop up a pair! I was pleased to find these for only $6 through consignment. Now you may be like many people I know who find shopping to be painful and sweaty and treacherous… Especially in a thrift store. Thankfully for you there are plenty of opportunities to score jeans like these with the help of online shopping.

A price of $6 consignment was worth the trip for me, but don’t stress if you find comfort through online shopping. There are plenty of great deals for you to find! These Forever 21 jeans were just a piece of the whole enchilada. Keep scrolling to enjoy the rest!


Top: Project Social T, $18.97

Shop: Nordstrom Rack or consignment

Jeans: Forever 21, $6

Shop: Lyst, Forever 21 or consignment

Boots: Abound, $32

Shop: Nordstrom Rack (online/in store) or Polyvore

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