Winter Edition: Pink Pea Coat

Winter is upon us! And so is the crisp cold air. Take a look at this classic pink pea coat for some Winter inspiration.

The pea coat featured below was a consignment find at shop in Portland, Oregon called Crossroads. The beauty of consignment shopping is you are not confined to a particular style or brand but rather you are shopping a wide range. Also, in shopping consignment you are buying second-hand which is environmentally friendly compared to purchasing new. If you prefer buying new, take a look below at some online and local shops that are eco-friendly!

Consignment shops:


Local/Online Shops:



Pea Coat: Banana Republic, $46 on consignment

Shop: Banana Republic (Similar look)

Top: 14th & Union, $6.74

Shop: Nordstrom Rack

Bottoms: Articles of Society, $38.40

Shop: Nordstrom

Heels: Joe’s, $26 on consignment

Shop: Nordstrom Rack (Similar look)



Summer Edition: Pink Leather and Blue Dress

Even though it’s still technically Summer, the weather here in the Northwest has seemed to flip the ‘on switch’ for Fall. It’s a funny thing living here in Oregon, experiencing three months of sunshine and then nine months of rainfall. This combination produces a beautiful landscape of vivid colors. From this, I have decided to draw seasonal outfits based on the display of colors Oregon has to offer.

The outfit featured below is all things Forever 21. Between the pricing and trends, Forever 21 has to be one of my favorite places to shop both in-store and online. I have found online stores produce better prices and styles. Some frequent online stores I visit are Romwe and SheIn. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and shop the look!


Jacket: Forever 21, $37.90

Shop: Forever 21

Dress: Forever 21, $17.90

Shop: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21, $34.90

Shop: Forever 21

Summer Edition: Lace & Rompers

Soaking up these last few weeks of Summer and don’t know what to wear? Rompers! They are the easiest things to slip on and you don’t have to worry about the whole outfit. Because the romper continually makes its debut every Spring and Summer, it offers many options both online and in store. With its many options, comes some great price points.

As stated in my last post featuring two piece outfits-which can be found here-there are many websites and shops that offer these popular trends. Some of these shops include Forever 21Rosegal, and Cupshe. Summer is coming to an end and shops are ready to get rid of their Summer collections. Now is the perfect time to score on those popular trends that will carry over into next Summer!

Go check out the outfit featured below and shop the look!



Romper: Cupshe, $17.99

Shop: Cupshe



Summer Edition: Two Piece Trend

Is it a dress? Is it a romper? It’s a two piece set! One of the latest and greatest trends that features a short and top combo. It’s so wonderful that newer trends aren’t just taking into account style, but comfort as well. These two piece outfits are all around amazing. Not only does this two piece combo complete one outfit, but each of the pieces can be featured in other outfits as well. Think of it as a three-in-one. You have yourself a packaged deal!

If you want more details on the outfit below, scroll to the bottom to shop the look. Some of the shopping apps and sites where I found my latest Summer collection are Cupshe, Tobi, and Romwe. They have some killer deals! Make sure you are always checking for discount codes at the checkout. Frequently these sights feature 25%-50% off codes! Enjoy.


Two Piece Set: Cusphe, $19.99

Shop: Cupshe

Sandals: Tobi

Summer Edition: Button Up Skirts

As some of you may have noticed, this week’s featured outfit has the same gladiator sandals as before! Below I have provided the links to shop these lovely gladiators in case you didn’t get the chance in last week’s edition.

I can’t wait to share with you this week’s AMAZING find… a button up white denim skirt! This little skirt is so versatile, comfortable and just flat out adorable. Not only does this skirt have chic street style potential, but it can also serve as a swimsuit cover up. The front buttons make for an easy change into your suit!

Find out more about this outfit below! Quick links provided for your shopping convenience.


Top: Forever 21, $8.90

Shop: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21, $17.90

Shop: Forever 21

Sandals: Forever 21, $20 (BOGO)

Shop: Forever 21


Summer Edition: Leather Skirts

I couldn’t be happier to say this… WELCOME SUMMER! In honor of the first day of Summer, it’s only fitting to bring out the neutral leather and crop top. This skirt may look like a million bucks, but it doesn’t leave a whole in your pocket! Nordstrom Rack is just a treasure chest filled with hidden treasures. Yes the line can be a bit overwhelming and yes it can be an adventure locating these items, but it is so worth it.

Check out the outfit below from head-to-toe so you too can look like a million bucks!


Top: Topshop, $19.97

Skirt: Missguided, $29.97

Shop: Poshmark

Spring Edition: Stripes and Sunsets

This dress has stolen my heart. With comfort, shape and price all in one, this dress is an essential piece for you Spring wardrobe. If stripes aren’t your cup of tea, you are NOT out of luck! There are other lovely dresses just like this one, that will suit your taste.

Upon recent discovery, which led me to find this gem, I have found some great new money saving apps that are both useful for online shopping and in store shopping. Some of you probably have been in the light about these apps, but I just have to share them! Shopular and Retail Me Not have been such money savers, and have kept me in the loop on so many great deals. This lovely dress was a product of these great apps. Check out the outfit below!



Dress: Forever 21, $14.90

Shop: Forever 21

Shoes: Dolce Vita, $27

Shop: Consignment or Shop Style

Spring Edition: Pink Pastel Denim

So thrilled to share these uber cute pastel skinny jeans with you! I have been on the hunt for a flattering colored denim like these, and thanks to thrift shopping and trading, I was able to scoop up a pair! I was pleased to find these for only $6 through consignment. Now you may be like many people I know who find shopping to be painful and sweaty and treacherous… Especially in a thrift store. Thankfully for you there are plenty of opportunities to score jeans like these with the help of online shopping.

A price of $6 consignment was worth the trip for me, but don’t stress if you find comfort through online shopping. There are plenty of great deals for you to find! These Forever 21 jeans were just a piece of the whole enchilada. Keep scrolling to enjoy the rest!


Top: Project Social T, $18.97

Shop: Nordstrom Rack or consignment

Jeans: Forever 21, $6

Shop: Lyst, Forever 21 or consignment

Boots: Abound, $32

Shop: Nordstrom Rack (online/in store) or Polyvore

Winter Edition: DIY

I am so excited to share this little diy project with you! Now one might not consider this a big accomplishment, but if you’re like me and you NEVER finish a Pinterest project let alone start one, then this is a big accomplishment. 

Do It Yourself projects are wonderful ways to save money and put something that you have laying around, to good use. Now that the holidays are winding down and the New Year is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to go through all of those wonderful treasures you have laying around, and purge of the unnecessary things! Upon finding an old picture frame, I decided to piece together a cute little jewelry holder that can be mounted on the wall. Check out the details below so that maybe you too can take on a little project this New Year!

(Hand Model: Tucker Fleischmann)


-Mesh potato bag (old Halloween decoration)


-Foam from jewelry boxes

-Picture frame




1) Take out picture frame glass and insert three small screws on the top row.

2) Take foam and line at the bottom of the frame, tucking the edges underneath the frame’s lower inside edge.

3) Take mesh and cut into the shape of the inside frame panel. Then tuck the excess mesh edge under the inside frame edge. 

4) Pin the corners and cork the sharp edges in the back.

5) Take your favorite jewelry pieces and put them on display!

That’s it! It’s that easy. Now it’s your turn!

Winter Edition: Half Yearly Sale!

The holidays are winding down, and new year resolutions are here! And so is the Nordstrom half yearly sale! Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom have some wonderful sales going on right now ranging from 25%-50% off clearance and select items. If you have any gift cards or returns, now would be the time to turn that into something fabulous for you! 

Here is a great Sunday outfit featuring pieces from both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. Both the skirt and the shoes were more than 50% off, regularly $68 for the skirt and $110 for the suede pumps.
-Top: Free Press, $9.97

-Skirt: Chelsea 28, $11.90

-Shoes: Seychelles, $20.80

-Bracelet: Alex and Ani, $28

-Necklace: Nordstrom