Fall Edition: Stripes & Scarves

There are only 5 MORE DAYS OF FALL! But it already feels like Winter here in Portland, Oregon.

Going forward with The Burb Girl, a new vision is underway – one that aligns with the changes occurring in my life. After being enlightened on the harsh impacts fast fashion has on our environment,  I couldn’t help but reevaluate my role in it. As a young consumer trying to keep up with the ever changing trends, it is natural to buy into fast fashion – brands like H&M, Forever 21, Cupshe (Yes, all have been featured on my blog before, and yes, all have very cute clothes) are all fast fashion. There comes a point where the demand for new trends exceeds the capacity for ethical fashion. But you must know, despite what the media tells you, there is hope for a sustainable future in the fashion industry. You as a consumer have more power than you think.

There is hope. Here are some of the ways you can decrease your shopping footprint!

  • Consignment shopping
  • Local boutique shopping (also supports your local economy)
  • Online shopping with sustainable brands
  • Research on companies that are doing it right!

The outfit featured below was all bought locally and second-hand, not to mention it features in-style trends from this season. Comment below and flaunt some of your fashion friendly finds!



Helmut Lang – $97.50, Crossroads Trading Co. $27.50


Staccato – $35, Crossroads Trading Co. $16.50


BCBG – $26, Poshmark


U.S. Polo Assn. – $15, Goodwill




Spring Edition: Pretty In Pink

This Spring edition will focus on embracing the beautiful palette of color that mother nature has provided us with. For this blog post, the beautiful color of pink will be brought to life. The color of pink can bring such elegance and class to any outfit. Below is an outfit that embraces both color, price and quality.

The outfit featured below contains multiple pieces that come from various retailers with great prices. Stores like Goodwill and Marshalls, which are both featured retailers in this post, have a better selection in store. Goodwill is so much fun to visit as you will find so many hidden treasures if you look in the right places. I couldn’t believe the brands that I was finding when I searched through the different racks!

What are you waiting for? Go check out the breakdown below so you can shop the look!


Jacket: Trouve, $16.80

Shop: Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack

Top: Lily White, $12

Shop: Marshalls

Skirt: Cupcakes and Cashmere, $33.80

Shop: Nordstrom Rack

Shoes: Forever 21, $7

Shop: Goodwill