Summer Edition: Lace Ups & Basic Denim

The leaves have started to crisp into browns, yellows and reds. Soon enough your wardrobe will start to adapt to the hues of Autumn. As I wrap up this Summer, I see it fitting to include a taste of Summer with a glimpse of Fall. Fall is lovely with its seasonal flavors and beautiful landscape. So why not embrace this beauty that was gifted to us, and display it with style?

Below features an outfit with the very basics that you will want this Fall. From denim to a neutral handbag, you can’t go wrong!

Loving this transitional outfit from Summer to Fall? Shop the look below!


Top: BP, $20.40

Shop: Nordstrom

Denim: Forever 21, $17.90

Shop: Forever 21

Flats: Forever 21, $6.00

Shop: Forever 21

Handbag: Merona, $34.99

Shop: Target

Falling for Fall: Marc Jacobs Edition

So as I was rummaging through the deep sea of handbags in the Nordstrom Rack clearance tables, I found a diamond in the rough. It was early in the morning-the best time to shop at the Rack-and there I found the gem. A large cement leather crossbody tote, perfect for all seasons! But what was it doing in the clearance bins? It must have been a mistake? As I reached in the pockets out came a ticket with a retail price of $528.00. I knew it was too good to be true. However, my co-worker grabbed the bag to show me that there was a hidden tag in the the pocket for only $79.20 with matching style numbers meaning it had to be the price! On top of this glorious discovery, Clear the Racks, a frequent Nordstrom Rack sale that offers an additional 25% off clearance items, was taking place! There was no question… $47.52 later and the bag was mine. No this isn’t a ‘rub it in your face post’ where I tell you I found the ONLY handbag of its kind. But rather a post that shines light on the fact there are wonderful deals that are hiding in the clearance bins, and it is a matter of time before you discover them. Nordstrom Rack is a wonderful place where that can happen. Like I said earlier, Clear the Racks is an event that takes crazy discounted items and discounts them even more. If you’re like me, you are always looking for a great deal. This is just one of many places that can offer that!

Below is a picture of my new handbag that is a wonderful, versatile bag for fall! Not to mention the color is so neutral that it can be useful during other seasons as well. When purchasing a handbag, I have found neutral colors to be the best colors. A handbag is a more expensive accessory that typically goes with you most places so trying to piece a not so neutral color with your outfit can be more difficult. You want to get use out of your handbag!